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UltraView Desktop Manager
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Advanced Software for Managing Multiple Monitors and Split Screens:
Create a Personal Productivity Dashboard Via Virtual Monitors

· All-new Digital Tigers software utilities, now with the ability to split monitors into virtual monitors
· Divide large, high-resolution monitors (4K, ultrawide, QHD) into virtual monitors of varying size
· Keep key info and apps, social media, streaming media and security cameras visible with dedicated micro-monitors
· Create a personal productivity and awareness dashboard tailored for you
· Never miss anything important for lack of timely awareness
· Optimized for Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows 7

UltraView™ Desktop Manager 3.0 brings the productivity benefits of multiple monitors to large, high-resolution monitors, especially 4K UHD, QHD and ultrawide monitors. Version 3.0 was released in October 2022, redesigned to support Windows 11.

Today's massive LED monitors and 4K TVs are exciting to look at but can be difficult to work with productively. Key info and apps can get buried under other windows, causing you to miss deadlines or important alerts as you struggle to task-switch and multitask across a variety of work obligations, personal obligations and personal interests, little of which is visible to you at any one time.

Now you can split those giant monitors and 4K TVs into any number of virtual monitors, including micro monitors dedicated to time tracking, task managers, personal email, instant messaging, social media, live financial TV news, streaming music and video, newsfeeds and security cameras. Now you'll never miss anything important because you lacked timely awareness.

For many people, a perfect workspace combines three elements:

  1. A large workspace for their primary work application
  2. Adjacent secondary spaces for supporting content: documents, webpages, work email
  3. Some way to keep tabs on "everything else": task managers, time tracking, personal email, instant messaging, social media, streaming music players, Bloomberg TV and CNBC, live TV news, sports TV, NetFlix, newsfeeds, security cameras ... without having to try to juggle all that on a tiny smartphone during work hours

With this torrent of electronic info to manage, it could easily take eight monitors for busy people to display all the key info and personal interests they want to monitor at at times. Now with UltraView Desktop Manager 3.0, you can do it all with a smaller number of large, high-resolution monitors, each split into virtual monitors sized for each requirement. Some people will be able to do it all with one large 4K UHD monitor, while others will simply use multiple monitors more productively than ever before.

The result: a personal productivity and awareness dashboard, balancing work and life together.

To see examples of what you can do with a single 4K UHD monitor, see the Virtual Monitors: Example Layouts tab on this page, which shows 55 ways you can carve up a 4K monitor with UltraView Desktop Manager.

But you don't need a 4K monitor to benefit. Even standard FHD 1080p widescreen monitors can be divided productively, with a large virtual monitor for a primary application and then a smaller virtual monitor (or smaller stacked virtual monitors) on the side for monitoring use. Think of these micro-monitors as smartphones for the desktop: tiny, but powerful.

UltraView Desktop Manager 3.0 is newly updated for Windows 11 and also supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. In addition, it integrates with Start Menu replacements Classic Shell, Start10, Start11, StartIsBack, StartAllBack and StartMenuX. See additional top features below.

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Pricing and availability

  • Bundles with new computers and displays: UltraView Desktop Manager ships standard with new computers and multi-screen monitors sold direct by Digital Tigers.
  • Standalone software: The standalone price is $99.00 USD (download version). Buy now!
  • Upgrade: The upgrade price for users of UltraView Desktop Manager 1.0 is $25.00 USD (download version). Buy now!

The future of 4K: a personal productivity and awareness dashboard, balancing work and life

UltraView 49C and 55C 4K UHD curved displays

Above: UltraView 4K UHD curved display (55″ size)

UltraView Desktop Manager: 4K UHD monitor split into 5 virtual monitors

Above: Five virtual monitors created from single 4K UHD monitor, using UltraView Desktop Manager 3.0. See additional example layouts here

Top productivity features

Top personalization features

Split monitors into multiple virtual monitors and create a personal productivity dashboard

Now you can divide larger, high-resolution monitors into multiple virtual monitors for higher productivity. Keep your key applications open alongide one another in two or three primary virtual monitors, while also keeping tabs on other interests with micro-sized virtual monitors.

Use those micro monitors for time management, task managers, personal email, instant messaging, social media, live financial TV news, streaming music and video, newsfeeds and security cameras. Now you'll never miss anything for lack of timely awareness.

Span your desktop with stuning multi-monitor wallpaper

UltraView Desktop Manager has powerful wallpaper features that enable you to span your entire Windows desktop with a single panoramic image, automatically scaled and cropped to fit perfectly. Additional options include separate wallpaper images for each monitor, and manual controls for scaling and cropping images.
You can use your own source images, or search online for images using the built-in image search tools integrated with Flickr, Interfacelift, 500px, WallpaperFusion, Pixabay, Unsplash, Wallpaper Abyss, Zenfolio and other online providers. Wallpaper images can be set in slideshow mode to present random images from a collection at any preferred interval, with smooth cross dissolves at each transition.

For dramatic impact with no effort, choose the UltraView Collection of more than 300 panoramic images, hand-picked to show off your multi-monitor desktop with beautiful landscapes and cityscapes from around the world. When installed, UltraView Collection becomes the default wallpaper collection until changed.
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Configure monitors with live preview

Configuring your monitor layout in Windows can sometimes be confusing. UltraView Desktop Manager makes monitor configuration simple, with a control panel that provides a live preview of each monitor's content. It's much easier to match the Windows layout with your actual desktop layout, simply by arranging the previews to match the physical layout. This avoids confusion with monitoring numbering (frequently not in ascending order).

Click to enlarge image

While Windows itself can't manage more than 10 attached monitors, the Monitor Configuration utility supports any number of attached monitors, making it vital for managing very large configurations.

You can easily save configuration profiles and switch between profiles. For example, you may switch to single-monitor mode for gaming, and then back to a multi-monitor desktop for work, via menu or hotkey.

UltraView Collection: 300+ panoramic wallpaper images

Click to enlarge image
The UltraView Collection contains images hand-picked and selected to show off your multi-monitor setup. Enjoy 300+ ultra-high resolution panoramas, featuring landscapes and cityscapes. Images or the entire collection can be used for desktop wallpaper or screen saver.
Click to enlarge image
Images are automatically scaled and cropped to fit most multi-monitor desktops. A fresh new desktop image loads every 60 minutes, or at any preferred interval. Images can be installed locally on your computer or can be sampled on demand from Flickr.
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Switch monitor & audio configurations using hotkeys

UltraView Desktop Manager can save many complex variables about your monitor configuration (physical monitors and virtual monitors), wallpaper settings and even audio device configuration to profiles that you name and associate with a hotkey.

For example, suppose you create a dashboard composed of a variety of virtual monitors to assist one type of project. You can assign this layout to a monitor profile with a hotkey, and then create a "standard" profile with no virtual monitors, assigning this profile to a different hotkey. Thereafter, toggling layouts is just a hotkey away.

Alternatively, suppose you use a big-screen TV on the wall to conduct occasiona in-office presentations. You can create a profile to enable this monitor, while suppressing other monitors, and switching your audio output to the TV speakers

You can even use some profiles just for audio, enabling you to switch sound sources with just a hotkey.
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Get hourly wallpaper feeds from local and online providers

Set up a local wallpaper slideshow by selecting individual images, image folders, or even MP4 videos and rotating through this content at intervals of your choosing (defauilt is once per hour).

Choose online providers such as InterfaceLIFT that are renowned for hosting large, panoramic images. Choose searchable providers such as Flickr and filter the feeds with search keywords such as "panorama," "sunset," "cityscape," "sky," and "4k nature."

Click to enlarge image

Tap your own online accounts for your wallpaper feed, such as an album from Google Photos or a folder on DropBox. Here are all options:
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Move window to a preferred new monitor with one click

By standard configuration, UltraView Desktop Manager adds four buttons to the title bar of all of your applications. The most popular and frequently used button is "Move Windows to Different Monitor."

Click to enlarge image
Clicking this button opens a monitor selector popup window, enabling you to choose your target monitor by number or picture. Presto! The application jumps to the other monitor.

No more dragging windows around your desktop and resizing them every time you just want to move them. This enables your multi-monitor desktop to keep up with your workflow and your thought process.

Another useful button is "Maximize Window Across All Monitors," which spans any resizable window
Maximize Window Across All Monitors
to your full desktop. Clicking the button again toggles the window back to its original size.
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Capture IQ: capture, annotate and share any window

Capture IQ is our new innovative screen-capture tool. It provides flexible screen capture options combined with an image editor to crop, resize and annotate the capture "snapshots" with text, arrows, lines, boxes and other effects.

Similar to the popular SnagIt tool, Capture IQ delivers essential SnagIt-style features in a light-footprint utility.

Capture IQ: Capture Region title bar menu
UltraView Desktop Manager integrates Capture IQ seamlessly with your applications through a title-bar button and menu that offers four popular capture options: Capture Active Window, Capture Window Control, Capture Scrolling Window, and Capture Region. This makes it easy to capture just what you need from any application or browser, without having to remember special hotkey combinations. Hotkeys are also supported.

The Capture IQ Editor can manage multiple screen captures and offers an easy toolbar for popular actions such as resizing and annotating with text, boxes and arrows.
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Capture IQ offers a wealth of options for sharing your screen captures. The "Share" menu will send any capture to Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, FTP sites, or free Web hosts such as ImageShack offering on-demand guest hosting of images.
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Use custom functions, hotkeys and title bar buttons

UltraView Desktop Manager offers more than 250 preconfigured custom functions for frequent window and desktop management tasks, which you can assign to custom hotkeys. 90 custom functions are built into the program, and more than 160 are downloadable in seconds, some contributed by other users. A control panel makes it easy to review custom functions and assign them to HotKeys.
Custom functions, hotkeys and titlebar buttons

HotKeys are a great time saver for frequent tasks, and are popular for keyboard power users. Here are some example HotKey actions:
  • Load Next Wallpaper Image
  • Move Window to Next Monitor and Maximize
  • Switch to Different Monitor Profile

You can can even script your own custom functions in C# or Visual Basic and assign these to hotkeys.

Customizable title bar buttons

UltraView Desktop Manager can add buttons to the title bars of all your Windows applications. Four buttons are added by default:
  • Move Window to Different Monitor
  • Maximize Window Across All Monitors
  • Capture IQ (menu)
  • Create PDF
Through the TitleBar Buttons control panel, you can edit defaults or add new buttons for frequent window-related tasks.
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PDF Writer: 1-button PDF maker

UltraView Desktop Manager adds a "Create PDF" button to the title bar of your applications. This enables one-click PDF creation from Web browsers, email clients, Microsoft Office applications, image applications, and more.
PDF Writer: Create PDF Button
Typically, if the application can print to a printer, you can create a PDF with one button click or a hotkey.

PDFs can be saved and immediately viewed. A wealth of options are available if desired: appending to an existing file, password security, document properties, PDF quality levels and versions, watermarks, superimposition with a background PDF, etc.
Click to enlarge image

Multiple options can be combined as a reusable option set, enabling powerful repetitive operations such as archiving emails to PDF with pre-set PDF security levels.

Use triggers: automate events in Windows and control where each application window loads

If you run many applications at once, you will typically develop a preferred desktop arrangement, with certain applications loading on particular monitors, maximized or in a window.

With UltraView Desktop Manager, you can easily set your preferred window locations as rules, applied automatically each time you launch the applications.


In casual use, you may want to open an application on a particular monitor. You can do this reliably simply by using the Start Menu on that monitor to launch the application. Automatic window location controls will position the application on the monitor from which you launched the application.
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Use a dedicated Taskbar & Start Menu for each monitor

No matter how many monitors you have, Windows 7 normally gives you just one taskbar that stays on your "primary" monitor. With many open applications and windows, the taskbar gets crammed with unreadable application window icons.

UltraView Desktop Manager solves the problem by adding a full-function Windows taskbar to each secondary monitor; each taskbar shows tasks only from the monitor it is on. This makes managing open applications much easier, and when activating an application, you'll know on which monitor it will appear.

Each taskbar has a Windows Start Button and Start Menu, enabling you to launch applications from any monitor, with automatic positioning of the application on the monitor from which it is launched.
multi-monitor taskbar
Windows 7 features are supported, including Aero transparency, Show Desktop button, and thumbnail previews (shown above).

Personalize your Windows logon with a custom background

In addition to the desktop background, you can also customize the Windows logon screen with your preferred background image.

With automatic scaling enabled, images can be scaled and cropped automatically to fit the logon screen.

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Performance optimization: open more windows

By default, Windows is configured with desktop resource allocations that can limit performance of some applications on multi-monitor systems. Power users who open many application windows (or browser windows/tabs) at once may find that they can no longer open additional windows or browser tabs, or child windows within an application. This problem can occur even when there is a large amount of memory installed and Windows reports ample available memory.

These problems can often be eliminated by increasing Windows desktop resource allocations allowed per process or application. Increasing the allocations has almost no effect on memory consumption, but can have a major benefit for power users who have many windows open at once for primary applications or browsers.

UltraView Desktop Manager applies several resource optimization adjustments automatically when installed. These adjustments enable up to double the number of application / browser windows and tabs for single-process applications (such as Firefox), and up to double the number of child windows within a single application, benefitting some financial trading platforms. The feature is controlled by a toggle.
UltraView Desktop Manager 2.0 settings

Dress up your desktop with a multi-monitor screen saver

Screensaver settings
UltraView Desktop Manager provides advanced screen saver management, enabling a different screen saver on each monitor, or spanning a single screen saver across all your monitors.

When combined with the UltraView Collection of 300+ panoramic images, spanning enables a dramatic panoramic screen saver that cycles among landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes around the world. Images can be loaded locally on your system drive, or downloaded on demand from Flickr.
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