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All-new Stratosphere Evolution ZX!

Stratosphere Evolution ZX

Digital Tigers announces the new Stratosphere Evolution ZX professional workstation series, focused on the high performance, reliability and value requirements of demanding financial traders and other professional users.

Systems feature the world's fastest eight-core Intel Xeon E5-2687W processor in six-screen trading computers under $5,000. With optional dual processor upgrade, top-of-line configurations unleash 16 CPU cores and 32 threads. Official announcement:

Norcross, GA (PRWEB)

Digital Tigers Launches New Stratosphere Evolution ZX Financial Trading Computers With Industry-Best Performance, Reliability and Value

Digital Tigers today introduced the powerful new Stratosphere Evolution ZX computer workstation series, focused on the high performance, reliability and value requirements of demanding professional financial traders. The new systems are available for immediate order. Now celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Digital Tigers achieves three key goals with the new workstations:

  1. Power-user dream system, featuring world's fastest Intel eight-core processor: Stratosphere Evolution ZX unleashes the world's fastest eight-core Intel Xeon E5 processor in a full-featured, yet affordable, professional trading computer, supporting up to 30 monitors. With optional dual-processor upgrade, Stratosphere Evolution ZX supports up to 16 CPU cores and 32 simultaneous threads.
  2. Top reliability, featuring rock-solid, fully integrated Intel powertrain: Intel partnership enables Digital Tigers to ship the industry's first workstation with Intel Xeon E5 processor in tandem with Intel's industry-fastest SATA solid-state drive (SSD) and genuine Intel motherboard, certified by Intel first for Digital Tigers workstations. Stratosphere Evolution ZX also integrates Intel liquid CPU cooling with advanced air cooling to achieve nearly silent operation. Additional reliability features include triple-redundant system integrity and standard battery backup.
  3. Great value + 100% money back through TradeStation rebates: Digital Tigers enables traders to exploit the world's fastest eight-core Intel Xeon E5-2687W processor in high-spec, six-monitor configurations at a breakthrough, industry-lowest $4,994 USD price. Complete packages are available with Digital Tigers multi-screen monitors and UltraView Desktop Manager software. Traders can apply their full purchase price and more toward TradeStation commissions, making these powerful trading computers essentially free over time for active traders.

"As the industry leader for multi-monitor business workstations, Digital Tigers is delighted to provide professional traders with the world-fastest performance they need to beat fast-moving global markets, where microseconds can separate winners from losers," said Geoff Amthor, Digital Tigers CEO. "Stratosphere Evolution ZX exploits every known technology to help traders absorb and analyze market movements in real time, enabling quicker decisions, faster algorithmic trading, and market-beating trades at the speed of order execution.

"Today's volatile markets, dominated by high-frequency trading, are a zero-sum game determined by timing and good decisions," Amthor continued. "Once traders determine and automate a best strategy, the game is down to first place and losers. Stratosphere Evolution ZX enables faster market analysis and order initiation, and thereby rewards the best strategies with the most profit."

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D I G I T A L   T I G E R S  C U S T O M E R S
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TradeStation teams up with Digital Tigers for 100% rebate on trading computers!

Active traders get up to $8,000 rebate on computers and multi-screen monitors

Norcross, GA (PRWEB)

Active traders can get up to $8,000 money back on new Digital Tigers trading computers and multi-screen monitors, through rebates on TradeStation commissions.
This amazing program enables traders to customize and purchase their dream trading computer setup, combining any Digital Tigers trading computer and multi-screen display. TradeStation will refund the entire purchase price, up to $8,000, through discounts on TradeStation brokerage commissions.
"TradeStation is delighted to work with with Digital Tigers and offer this great rebate program to Digital Tigers customers," said John Bullock, TradeStation Active Trader Sales Manager.
"With our new rebate program, active traders can rebate the full cost of Digital Tigers computers and multi-screen displays through monthly discounts on their TradeStation commissions, up to $8,000 total rebate," Bullock continued. "All that is required is the opening of a new TradeStation account."
Four program tiers
New and existing TradeStation customers are eligible, so long as they open a new trading account to earn the rebates. For example, customers can transfer an IRA account or open a new trading account for an additional asset class.
Once enrolled in the program, customers earn rebates until the earned value is consumed. Active traders can rebate their full purchase price in two or three years.
The program has four purchase tiers: $2,000, $4,000, $6,000 and $8,000. Purchases below each level are rounded up to the next level for rebate value. For example, a $6,100 trading computer purchase earns an $8,000 rebate.

About TradeStation Group, Inc.

TradeStation is an award-winning online brokerage firm and trading platform. In March 2012, Barron's magazine, in its annual review of 24 online brokerage firms, awarded TradeStation its highest overall star ranking (41/2 stars), as well as Best for Frequent Traders, Best Trading Experience and Technology and Best for International Traders.
Also in March 2012, TradeStation won for Best Trading System -- Stocks, Best Trading System -- Futures, Best Institutional Platform, Best Professional Platform, Best Online Analytical Platform and Best Real-Time Data in the annual Readers' Choice Awards given by Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.
TradeStation Trading Platform

Best seller!
UltraFlex multi-screen display mounting system

World's first dual, triple and quad-screen LCD arrays with independent articulating arms ... on a desk base!

4-in-1 mount includes freestanding desk base, desk clamp and grommet mount (all standard!) and optional wall mount

Key UltraFlex™ features at a glance

  • Articulating arms enable complete independent movement for each LCD: forward / back, lift, tilt, pan and rotation.
  • Patented suspension system supports even 24" monitors with easy fingertip positioning in triple and quad arrays, and up to 30" monitors on dual arrays.
  • A freestanding desk base is standard, enabling UltraFlex displays to be installed by anyone, on any desk, in minutes.
  • UltraFlex arrays also include a desk clamp and grommet mount (standard), as space-saving installation options.
  • Affordable wall mount options are also available.
  • UltraFlex arrays typically cost only $100 more per screen than equivalent fixed-position multi-screen arrays.
  • UltraFlex arrays are available exclusively from Digital Tigers. See models and pricing, lower right.

Amazing, jaw-dropping multi-screen monitors

With UltraFlex, Digital Tigers has developed and introduced the world's best mounting solution for multi-screen LCD arrays.

This stunning solution has to be seen and felt to be believed. With striking industrial design and polished aluminum surfaces, UltraFlex offers great looks and amazing flexibility. The arrays invite attention, and the flexibility invites new productivity.

Tilt your screens back and lift them up ... and you have an array perfectly positioned for standing. Turn a monitor toward a colleague and extend it forward during a meeting. Rotate one or more screens into portrait mode, whenever desired. Fold the side screens inward, or push them back flat. Tilt the top-row monitors down, and the bottom-row monitors up. Almost any position you can conceive, you can do with UltraFlex.

Articulating arms have traditionally been cumbersome devices requiring fixed attachment, while supporting only one or two screens. UltraFlex brings the freedom of installing up to four screens on any desk, thanks to the unique freestanding desk base and flexible attachment system.

UltraFlex gallery: popular premier models

By 10:1 margin, customers have told Digital Tigers that they prefer the simplicity of freestanding desk bases, over fixed attachment options like wall mounts. UltraFlex brings complete installation freedom. The unique 4-in-1 mounting system enables fast setup using a freestanding desk stand, while also including a space-saving desk clamp and grommet mount at no extra charge. Wall mount attachments are available as an option.

UltraFlex models and pricing

UltraFlex Duo

UltraFlex Trio

UltraFlex PowerTrio

UltraFlex Quad / Apex

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